The Security Stage – Led by Jane Frankland, will explore how the IT and security landscape has shifted exponentially over the past 24 months, and why cybersecurity vigilance is a fundamental priority and necessity for all businesses. The 2021 agenda aims to explore and debate a journey from resilience to recovery in the legal profession. Speakers will delve into the rise of malicious actors due to the hybrid workforce and how firms need to increase vigilance on their supply chain.

Key sessions will offer insight into the full spectrum and breadth of threats including, the rise of domain spoofing and deepfake technology which are impacting the legal sector and beyond, and how management need to respond to protect their greatest assets, their brand and their data.

Time Schedule Speakers

Conference Chair's Opening Remarks

Jane Frankland – Owner & CEO, KnewStart (Event Chair)


Unlearning What We Know

Jane Frankland – Owner & CEO, KnewStart

  • Discover the current key challenges security leaders face and how to overcome them.
  • Gain 10 insights on what you need to unlearn so you can advance far, fast and be the envy of your peers.
  • Recognise the tripwires and boobie traps that will stand in your way as you progress.

Sponsor Showcase - How To Empower Your Most Important Assets (Your Security Hires)

David Atkinson – Founder & CEO, Senseon

  • An Overview of the threat landscape facing law firms
  • How we got to this point
  • Doing more with less
  • How to empower your most important assets

Transforming Our Weakest Link Into Our First Line Of Defence

Karl Knowles – Head of Cyber, HFW

  • Behavioural pressures; the non-binary human
  • Safe at Work and Safe at home – Development of a training and awareness strategy
  • Leadership; Implementation and management
  • The future for legal security and team impact.

Plan Smart: The Future Is SASE

Richard Walters – CTO, CensorNet

  • The SASE framework: One size does not fit all
  • Zero Trust is part of the journey
  • Smart decisions today will optimise your future cloud and network security

PANEL: Securing The Supply Chain

Jas Bassi – Head of Solutions Delivery, Gateley
Leigh Barham – Security Compliance Manager, Hogan Lovells
Sean Arrowsmith – Group Sales Director, Crossword Cybersecurity
Jane Frankland – Owner & CEO, KnewStart (Chair)

  • Preventing the exploitation of supply chains in legal services
  • Protecting law firms’ critical networks and systems
  • Minimalizing the impact of IT & cyber security risks – disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Threat mitigation when handling large amounts of sensitive client information, data and money – addressing client concerns
  • Internal safeguards to ensure lawyers practice what they preach



Mapping The Deepfake Threat Landscape

Kelsey Farish – Deepfakes Expert – Media & Technology Lawyer, DAC Beachcroft

  • The key defences being prepared to preserve authenticity in our increasingly synthetic future
  • Outlining the existing & emerging malicious uses of deepfakes law firms need to know about.

Ensure Security Against Threat Actors Using Collaboration & Productivity

David Rawle – Group Chief Technology Officer, Bytes Software
Matt Lock – Technical Director, Varonis

  • How to enable a modern approach to cloud security without compromising the way you work
  • How Bytes & Varonis can provide adaptable, implementable technology to meet the needs of your organisation
  • Best practice recommendations on data classification, security & protection.

PANEL: Evolution Of Social Engineering

Graham Cluley – Cyber Security Expert
Carole Theirault – CEO, Tick Tock Social Limited
Jane Frankland – Owner & CEO, KnewStart (Chair)

  • Increase of social engagement via technology and the challenges for leaders
  • Patterns & Trends
  • How can the community combat this with the increase of screen fatigue
  • Phishing is just the start but human error is the challenge
  • Stake Holder engagement



My Cybersecurity Journey

Rinki Sethi – CISO, Twitter

  • My journey from engineer to CISO
  • Key lessons learned along my journey
  • My current role at Twitter


The Cipher Stage – Led by Peter Wright, aims to highlight the reality of our agile and digital world. Delving into critical issues such as the growing risk that the cyber skills gap presents, and coping with incremental firm change. Speakers will discuss expanding IT services, technologies, national and cross jurisdictional policies and controls, whilst considering external and insider cyber security threat detection.

The sessions will offer guidance into risk-driven approaches to cyber security and the practicalities of preparing for an inventible breach and how the legal profession need to respond.

Time Schedule Speakers

Stage Chair’s Opening Remarks

Peter Wright – Managing Director, DigitalLaw UK (Stage Chair)



Security Challenges & Education - Skills Gap

Don MacIntyre – Interim Chief Executive Officer, UK Cyber Security Council

  • Awareness & a focus on good security posture and ‘hygiene’
  • The increase of Human Error factor
  • Benefits of developing a positive security culture
  • How diverse is the security sector & challenges in the current/future talent pipeline
  • How to improve diversity and inclusion in the future
  • Challenges faced by Schools within STEM

Deliver Comprehensive Security Operations Across all Clouds - Private, Public & SaaS - With Arctic Wolf

Nick Dyer – Senior Systems Engineer,  Arctic Wolf

  • Shift focus from acquiring more tools to focusing on security operations
  • Empower internal IT from managing alerts and worrying about logs to focusing on outcomes
  • Cover all aspects of the attack surface across all clouds as business priorities change
  • Unify log monitoring & ticketing, vulnerability management, cloud monitoring & security awareness into a single cloud platform

Security Architecture

Avi Aggarwal – Head Of Legal Domain Architecture, Deutsche Bank

  • Evaluating unified security design
  • Challenges of Addressing the necessities & potential risks involved within the firms
  • Building a robust infrastructure & the benefits this delivers
  • View from the financial services & what can be achieved



PANEL: Convergence of Home And Work; Humanising Cyber Security

Carolyn Freeman – Behavioural Scientist (CyberPsychology), Virtual Reality Experiences
Daniel Demonakis – Global Head Of Device, Data & Application Services, Linklaters
Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Chair)

  • Which pressure points have been exposed by the remote working regime
  • Lessons learned about security & processes for remote & hybrid working
  • Burn out & management
  • Moving back into the office – are there extra risks and how do we manage people?

PANEL: Secure Cloud Transformation

Toks Oladuti – Senior Manager, IT Security, Herbert Smith Freehills
Christel Aguila – Partner, Head Of IT, Winckworth Sherwood
Janet Day – Independent Consultant (Chair)

  • Adequate, reasonable, consistent, and effective security approaches to protect firm data
  • Digital transformation & governance
  • Futureproofing of law firm IT systems/infrastructure
  • Cloud migration.
  • Adoption of cloud technologies, SaaS
  • Dealing with the much wider compliance & governance regime

Stage Chair's Closing Remarks

Peter Wright  – Managing Director, Digital LawUK





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