Carolyn Freeman

Behavioural Scientist (CyberPsychology)

Virtual Reality Experiences

Carolyn Freeman is a CyberPsychologist who specialises in the psychology of technology use in the workplace.

After 15 years of corporate marketing brand and communication, Carolyn retrained as a psychologist before completing a Masters in CyberPsychology. Her researched focussed on the use of work and personal technology by working parents during their private time in Lockdown 1.0 (spring and early summer 2020).

She now works with a Virtual Reality company developing and delivering leadership soft skills training in VR. She also curates content for Cybercology, using her CyberPsychology skills to develop and curate content from industry leaders and academics on how, as adults, technology is changing the way we work (and play) – both now and in the future.

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