Stage Overviews – European Legal Security Forum 2021

The Security Stage  Led by Jane Frankland, will explore how the IT and security landscape has shifted exponentially over the past 24 months, and why cybersecurity vigilance is a fundamental priority and necessity for all businesses. The 2021 agenda aims to explore and debate a journey from resilience to recovery in the legal profession. Speakers will delve into the rise of malicious actors due to the hybrid workforce and how firms need to increase vigilance on their supply chain.

Key sessions will offer insight into the full spectrum and breadth of threats including, the rise of domain spoofing and deepfake technology which are impacting the legal sector and beyond, and how management need to respond to protect their greatest assets, their brand and their data.


The Cipher Stage – Led by Peter Wright, aims to highlight the reality of our agile and digital world. Delving into critical issues such as the growing risk that the cyber skills gap presents, and coping with incremental firm change. Speakers will discuss expanding IT services, technologies, national and cross jurisdictional policies and controls, whilst considering external and insider cybersecurity threat detection.

The sessions will offer guidance into risk-driven approaches to cybersecurity and the practicalities of preparing for an inventible breach and how the legal profession need to respond.