Marco Essomba

Founder & CTO


Marco Essomba is the Founder & CTO of BlockAPT – a UK based innovative cybersecurity company selected by the London Office for Rapid Cybersecurity Advancement (LORCA) accelerator programme.

An influential thought leader in cybersecurity with almost 2 decades of working with some of the largest and well known institutions. Marco’s passion, expertise and knowledge has culminated in the design of the unique central management BlockAPT platform which allows businesses to Monitor, Manage, Automate & Respond (MMAR) to cyber threats 24/7 in real time.

Marco is often called upon as a panellist at cybersecurity conferences and has been a host ambassador at CyberTalks, one of London’s largest cybersecurity events.

With an impressive 16,000+ followers on LinkedIn and 35,000+ on Twitter, Marco is often sought after for his quick problem solving approach and helping businesses future proof their security infrastructure.

Marco’s mission is simple.  To help protect businesses by securing their digital ecosystem in a flexible, seamless and affordable way. Reducing complexities associated with disparate solutions working in a siloed manner, his design and vision with the BlockAPT platform unifies and offers a centralised management framework providing an overarching blanket of security.

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