Kate O’Flaherty

Cyber Security Journalist

A journalist and editor with over a decade’s experience, Kate writes features, opinion pieces and news covering cyber security for publications including Wired UK, The Times, Forbes, BBC Focus, the Guardian and SC UK.

She is fascinated by all aspects of cyber security, with recent articles covering how YouTube is taking down videos depicting chemical weapons attacks and the importance of diversity in filling the skills gap. She’s also particularly interested in the story behind state sponsored cyber-attacks including why they happen, who perpetrates them and the techniques used by countries such as Russia, China and Iran.

As well as covering cyber security, Kate also writes about data protection. This could be anything from the increasing data misuse among big tech companies to the impact of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – as well as the growing fines issued by regulators.

She regularly appears on BBC Radio talking about the impact of cyber-attacks on consumers, businesses and governments.

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