James Lyne


Helical Levity

A self-professed ‘massive geek’ and renowned cyber security expert, James Lyne is an information security speaker committed to educating those outside of the industry on security threats and best practice. Energetic, passionate, and charmingly nerdy, he has become a leading keynote presenter by maximizing the impact of his security expertise through engaging presentations.

Using live demonstrations, showing how cyber criminals operate in the real world, James can involve and inspire an audience whether they are a group of tech wizards or your average computer user. One keynote can convert forbidding tech jargon in to human language with the next sharing his technical expertise to those with extensive background knowledge.

His passion to make cyber security accessible and interesting has led to James founding his company Helical Levity, a high-end security research firm developing cyber industry education tools that identifies and develops new talent. His roles as an instructor and Head of R&D at SANS means that keynotes are constantly updating and evolving.

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