Elliot Rose

Partner & Global Head of Cyber Security

PA Consulting

Elliot leads PA Consulting’s Digital Trust and Cyber Security Service. He has over 25 years’ experience of working across a wide range of sectors including Defence & Security, Financial Services, Life Sciences and consumer and manufacturing. His background is in information assurance and exploitation.

He has provided evidence to the UK Parliament on the cyber challenge facing Critical National Infrastructure and supported organizations across the world on the latest adoption of securing technologies such as Cloud and AI and the related data privacy laws and regulations. He has also recently published on the advances in AI, not only in helping provide greater cyber defenses through their use in SOCs but also in how it can be exploited by hostile third parties.

Elliot is a regular commentator in the press on topics related to data privacy and cyber security, including:
• Infosecurity Magazine, 2018, ‘The dark side of automation’
• Financial Times, 2018, ‘Preventing malicious use of AI’
• Thomson Reuters, 2018, ‘New developments and guidance concerning cybersecurity training’
• Information Age, 2018, ‘Cloud Security: the latest thinking, a guide to implementing cloud security’.

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