David Morley


Elaghmore LLP

Winning three successive leadership elections, David led Allen & Overy LLP 2003-16. During his leadership revenue close to doubled from £666m to £1.28bn (2005-15) with profits up 133% from £245m to £579m over the same period; including seven consecutive years of revenue and profit growth post 2008/9 financial crisis.

Known for his collaborative, personable and imaginative style, David has a track record of innovation and profitable growth. In 2012 he was named by the Times newspaper as one of the 10 most influential lawyers in the UK. In 2015 he won the FT Innovative Lawyers Special Achievement award.

David spearheaded Allen & Overy’s global charity initiatives and led the foundation of Prime, the UK-wide alliance to provide fair access to quality work experience.

David is now pursuing a range of business interests including chairing Elaghmore private equity fund.

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