Transforming Ward Hadaway’s Mobile Management Experience

Customer Profile

Ward Hadaway is one to the UK’s top 100 law firms, with offices in Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester. Founded in 1988, they have expanded over the North-East of England, growing to nearly 500 staff, with a focus on practising corporate and commercial law.

Purpose of Implementation

  • To replace an unreliable and restrictive Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Platform

Transforming The Mobile Management Experience

When Director of IT, Jonathan Smith joined Ward Hadaway in early 2018, they were running a UEM platform, which greatly restricted users and had very strict policies in place. The setup made using the devices to access emails and other resources very complicated, creating an undesirable and complex experience from an end-user perspective. All applications that were required for work were compartmentalised, meaning there was trouble syncing data from apps such as email, contacts and calendar.

Jonathan had previous experience with both MobileIron and Mobliciti in a prior role and upon joining and realising that Ward Hadaway required a new UEM, Mobliciti was the only vendor that he considered.

“For me, there was only one product I would ever have considered and having had such a positive experience with MobileIron and Mobliciti, they seemed the obvious choice”

The Smallest Change Makes The Biggest Impact

Multiple changes have been implemented by Ward Hadaway’s IT department in the last 12 months, with MobileIron being potentially the smallest one, requiring just 2 days to configure. Conversely, it has been the most widely and positively received change, with the end-user experience greatly enhanced.

“I’ve had 20-30 people approach me specifically to say, “you’ve actually changed our lives” because the MobileIron solution is so streamlined and easy to deal with.”

Prior to signing new smartphone contract deals, Ward Hadaway rolled out MobileIron to all existing handsets over a short period of time. Now that they have determined that they are highly satisfied with MobileIron and the ease of using it, they have begun implementing the software on their newest handsets, 300 iPhone XRs.

“It was a seamless transition”

Throughout the journey, they have worked with Mobliciti to ensure that the process is as automated as possible and have been delighted by the results. End-users now have fast and secure access to relevant corporate data.

 “Hands down the change that has put the biggest smile on people’s faces has been the MobileIron implementation.”

The success of the MobileIron deployment has led them to subsequently purchase Wandera from Mobliciti too.

About Mobliciti
Mobliciti enables organisations to Procure, Connect, Secure & Manage their mobile devices, empowering innovation, increasing user productivity and controlling costs, without exposing corporate data to increasingly frequent cyber-attacks. We provide IT Mobility & Cloud Access Security using innovative technologies delivered through our range of Fully Managed Services.

 By outsourcing the management of business critical mobile and cloud solutions, we reduce the cost of running and supporting these services, allowing customers to refocus resources on more strategic initiatives.

About MobileIron
MobileIron stands out from other MDM vendors by providing expanded EMM capabilities to IT organisations that need to secure mobile devices, applications and content. The MobileIron Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution is a mobile security platform that secures data-at-rest on mobile devices, in applications, and in cloud storage, as well as data-in-motion as it moves between corporate networks, devices, and storage repositories.

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