Sysero Launches GDPR Go to Help Law Firms Aid Clients in GDPR Planning

ASHFORD, KENT – 3 August 2017 – With just under a year until the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect, knowledge automation provider Sysero has launched GDPR Go, an end-to-end, online GDPR planning tool that law firms can use to help clients plan and monitor their approach to compliance.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into place in May 2018, will introduce a stringent set of data protection laws. Any business working with customer data will need to understand its implications and develop a plan for compliance. Failure to meet regulations could result in fines of up to €20M or 4 percent of turnover, whichever is greater.

Sysero’s new GDPR assessment tool provides law firms with a simple, effective way to help their clients understand the operational impacts of GDPR and stay ahead of the new rules. Firms can brand and customise the tool, which includes a detailed question set. Clients fill out the online questionnaire with information on how their organisation currently collects and stores personal data. A personalised GDPR legal assessment is automatically generated based on their answers and includes a ‘GDPR ‘checklist’. Once work commences, client can track their progress and monitor their work with the firm through the tool.

Aside from providing clients with a detailed legal action plan, the tool allows law firms to demonstrate their GDPR expertise and identify opportunities for new business.

Phil Ayton, Director of Sysero, said: “GDPR presents a world of opportunity for law firms to expand existing business and establish themselves as value-added advisors with clients. We developed GDPR Go to make it easy for law firms to provide an effective resource to their clients, while at the same time building their own confidence in advising on GDPR matters.”

The tool currently is available at no cost for current Sysero clients. Learn more about GDPR Go.

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