Solving the password problem in the technology industry Protecting passwords is key to preventing breaches

Every business struggles with cybersecurity, but perhaps none pay a higher price for failure than those in the technology industry. When your business is technology, falling prey to cybercrime is considered a serious failure.

Yet, technology companies have the same restrictions and challenges as other industries: tight budgets, compliance requirements, and a globally distributed ecosystem of employees, partners, vendors, and customers. On top of that, tech companies deal with a much higher rate of change than businesses in other industries.

Competition is fierce—especially for startups fueled by venture capital firms and trying to show an aggressive growth trajectory. Tech companies must be agile and able to implement new, internal systems and software quickly. The technology industry also has one of the highest rates of acquisitions and mergers, meaning IT must regularly incorporate new personnel and reconcile different systems.

IT departments are expected to onboard and offboard users quickly and provide them easy access to the applications and resources they need—all while maintaining the highest levels of security. And today’s workforce requires constant access via a wide variety of devices: laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

In the tech industry, employees tend to be technology friendly and quicker to use SaaS solutions. Technology companies are also more likely to enable line of business owners to choose and bring in applications on their own, in addition to what the IT department provides.

Accommodating all these requirements is a monumental task. Technology IT departments play the pivotal role in achieving it.

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