Solving the password problem in manufacturing. Protecting passwords is key to protecting corporate data and IP

Modern manufacturer’s IT organizations get squeezed from all sides. Margins are tight, compliance requirements large, and they work within a globally distributed ecosystem of employees, partners, and suppliers.

To keep production lines moving, IT departments in manufacturing companies must make it easy for workers to access equipment quickly, even in challenging environments like the plant floor or in the field where employees might be wearing thick work gloves or other safety equipment.

Add to this the need to accommodate access through a wide variety of devices: laptops and tablets, mobile phones, controllers built into equipment, and ever-evolving IoT devices. Accommodating all these needs is a monumental task. Manufacturing IT plays a pivotal role in accomplishing it.

Compliance is costly—but a breach is even more so
According to Deloitte, 39% of surveyed manufacturing executives experienced a breach in the last 12 months. And the risk is growing. 82% of senior IT professionals predicted that unsecured IoT devices would cause a data breach in their organization, with 80% saying such a breach could be catastrophic.

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