Securing The Cloud – The Smart Way

Over the last few years, more and more of our data has shifted to the cloud. It’s convenient, allowing users to collaborate and work remotely. However, it’s often true that traditional security techniques are unable to truly secure this new wave of cloud and web solutions. Legacy security solutions struggle to advance as they cannot adapt to the ever-changing landscape.

Employees will work across multiple cloud services and websites, from anywhere in the world and on a whole range of devices. Whilst a user working on the corporate network with corporate devices may be relatively safe, upon leaving the office, they may be accessing corporate data on their own personal devices. These simple actions greatly increase the possibility of data being compromised. Users become at risk of exposing the organisation to cloud threats, putting sensitive data in jeopardy. Potential risks include compromised devices or malware.

Traditional solutions can no longer account and adapt to user’s actions.

With highly sensitive data kept in the cloud, enterprises cannot risk an inadequate security solution which greatly puts their information at risk.

  • Nearly a quarter (21%) of data in the cloud is sensitive and the sharing of said data has increased 53% year-over-year 
  • Threat events in the cloud, i.e. compromised account, privileged user, or insider threat have increased 27.7% year-over-year.
  • 80% of organisations will experience at least one compromised account threat in the cloud each month.
  • 92% of organisations currently have stolen cloud credentials for sale on the Dark Web.
  • Threats in Office 365 have grown by 63% in the last two years.

A smart solution is the only solution

Netskope is smart cloud security, a platform which outstrips the outdated and traditional security solutions. Netskope Security Cloud eliminates blind spots, targeting and controlling activities across thousands of cloud services and millions of websites. With a 360-degree approach, Netskope ensures that all data is guarded and that even the most subtle of attacks are blocked.

Benefits of Netskope

Access Control
With users accessing a whole range of networks from personal and corporate devices, data can be at risk without secure cloud and web access enabled. Netskope enables the administrator to set conditional, granular policies which can dictate employee access to both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud services based on contextual data. This includes the platform analysing user, group, device type, ownership, status, or classification, network or geolocation, and more, in order to determine access.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Netskope’s award-winning DLP protects sensitive data from loss and exposure. As the most advanced in the industry, it includes 3,000+ data identifiers and supports more than 1,000 file types, ensuring your data protection strategy is efficient and accurate.

Threat Protection
Netskope is the only cloud access security broker (CASB) with comprehensive threat protection for cloud and web services. They provide multiple layers of threat detection including static and dynamic anti-virus inspection, user behaviour anomaly detection, heuristic analysis, sandbox analysis, and more. Netskope effectively remediates threats by blocking or quarantining them and taking advantage of workflows to further analyse and reverse the effects of cloud threats, which too often evade existing security solutions.

Unsanctioned/Shadow IT
Users will often do anything to simplify their job, deploying, managing and using cloud services to ensure they get their jobs done more efficiently. Netskope have found that 90% of cloud services currently being used are not enterprise ready. Rather than simply blocking all services, Netskope helps you address shadow IT by finding, understanding, and securing all of the cloud services in your organisation without negatively impacting your security and compliance.

However you want it
Netskope Security Cloud can be deployed to suit your needs, whether that’s 100% cloud-based, an on-premise appliance or a hybrid configuration.

How can Mobliciti Help?

Mobliciti can provide you with this framework to enable you to confidently adopt cloud technologies securely, enabling maximum productivity for users without compromising your security. Get in touch for more information. We can offer full Cloud Security solutions that protect your data beyond the perimeter.

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