Email Security – Why You Need Protection Beyond the Gateway

In the noughties hackers tended to use the ‘spray and pray’ strategy, targeting as many corporate email accounts as possible in the hope that one would hit lucky and release its payload.

Today email remains the number one attack vector – approximately 80% of all cyberattacks start with one – but the threat has become much more sophisticated.

Social engineering emails – which come in the shape of a highly personalised email – are much favoured by criminals. They target senior executives with what seems like a genuine email, encouraging them to disclose financial or classified information to someone they think is a colleague. Once in, they ‘stay and prey’, launching attacks from the user’s mailbox within the email system to target their customers and business partners.

People, businesses and governments are all under threat. As these threats increase in their sophistication, it’s clear that more demanding solutions are needed to protect against them.

Globally, £billions have been lost to business email compromise attacks in the past five years. It’s time to go beyond the traditional gateway protection solutions.

Cristie Data is attending the European Legal Security Form with our security partner Barracuda whose solution Sentinel helps organisations to fight such threats. Sentinel uses machine learning and big data to scan email communications and detect these more sophisticated phishing attacks that can’t be stopped by email gateway protection alone – before they can cause damage. It automatically removes malicious emails from users’ inboxes, even after they’ve been received. Sentinel is a standalone solution, which can be implemented alongside any existing email gateway protection solutions you may already have in place and adds that extra layer of protection against these more intelligent and tailored attacks.

Barracuda has been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2019.It was given the highest score possible in the cloud integration, deployment options and support and customer success criteria. It’s on the cutting edge of email security as businesses look to have multi-layered protection for the future.

Come and meet us and the team from Barracuda on Stand 8 at the European Legal Security Forum on July 2nd to find out how we can improve your approach to email security.

About Cristie Data 

Cristie Data have been IT infrastructure and data management specialists for 50 years and provide solutions from the edge to the core, whether on-premise or in the cloud. We take a consultative and platform agnostic approach to any customer project and advise on solutions that are best aligned to your business. Our consultative approach is our key differentiator and involves creating long-term partnerships with our customers.

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