Cyber Management Alliance attains GCHQ certification for their incident response course

Cyber Management Alliance is delighted to announce that their CIPR (Cyber Incident Planning & Response) training course has attained GCHQ Certification. The GCHQ Certified Training scheme, part of the National Cyber Security Programme, develops the UK’s knowledge, capability and skills in all aspects of cyber security, ensuring high quality cyber security training is delivered by experienced providers.

Why the CIPR Course?

With only 10% of UK companies having an Incident Response Plan and 90% of large organisations suffering a security breach (Source: Information Security Breaches Survey 2015), Cyber Management Alliance’s non-technical training course on how to respond to a cyberattack will help to prepare a managed approach to an attack or breach, and gain a better understanding of incident response.

The CIPR course is focused to help delegates to understand the basic concepts of a cyberattack, how to respond to incidents, threat intelligence and intelligence-led testing, including:

  • The key ingredients of designing and implementing a response framework
  • How to build an effective cyber response team
  • The overall legal implications of getting it wrong

GCHQ Certification

The GCHQ Certified Training (GCT) scheme certifies two levels of cyber security training skills:

  • Awareness level – providing newcomers with a thorough foundation in cyber security
  • Application level – delivering in-depth courses for professional development

Carried out by APMG, an independent certification body approved by GCHQ to award certification, it uses the IISP Skills Framework to ensure a common baseline for cyber security capability, from awareness and training to high levels of academic pursuit.

Through GCHQ’s exacting standards, training courses are tested against GCHQ’s assessment criteria, based on the IISP Skills Framework, and underpins the GCT scheme, GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Master’s degrees and the NCSC Certified Professional scheme. Cyber Management Alliance’s CIPR GCHQ Certified training course offers cyber security professionals the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge, and a thorough understanding of cyber security.

Cyber Management Alliance is offering CIPR training courses in March and April worldwide including London (16th March), Zurich (27th March), Delhi (14th April), Mumbai (17th and 18th April), Bangalore (20th and 21st April), Saudi Arabia (1st May), Bahrain (2nd May) and Dubai (3rd May).

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