Cyber Essentials Smart Setup

Getting Started

Getting started with CyberSmart is simple and straightforward, you will be up and running in a few clicks.

1.Go to and create an account.

2.Complete the onboarding stage by completing a few basic organisational questions, subscribing to the appropriate CyberSmart package, and enrolling your team members. When choosing a deployment method, please read the next page.

3.After this you will be directed to your dashboard where you will be able to start securing your organisation.

Deployment Methods

Bulk deployment: This is the enterprise approach designed to ‘silently’ install the app across all devices on the network with a single push. This makes it quick and easy to secure multiple devices in one go.
CyberSmart is available on Windows, Mac as well as Android and IOS devices. The latter options require the apps to be downloaded from the iPhone App Store or Google Play, prior to completing the activation processes below.

There are two different ways to deploy the CyberSmart app. Individual enrolment and bulk deployment.

Individual enrolment: This involves each enrolled user installing the app via an automated email. This approach is primarily used for SMEs or organisations that do not use group policies for deployment. To enable this option, make sure bulk deployment is not selected.

Individual users are then enrolled via an automated email which deploys or configures the app on the device.

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