A Passwordless Solution for Enterprise Cloud Applications

We live in an era where the mobile rules, people always expect to be connected and on average a person is no more than 3 feet away from their phone. This is not just within the consumer sphere but also within businesses – people want to be able to work on any app from any device in any location.

Cloud apps allow staff to do just that and there seems to be no stopping usage whether officially sanctioned or not.

Username and Password is still the default for securing the majority of these applications, but we are now at a point where this does not offer enough protection. Stolen credentials were the top cause of enterprise data breaches in 2018, so why is static Username and Password still the default?

Passwords can easily be hacked or stolen, especially if users don’t follow security best practices. To reduce the risk of data loss from modern endpoints, apps, and cloud services, organizations must deploy seamless, intelligent, and contextual security that provides layered protection against sophisticated mobile and network attacks.

Secure cloud access requires more than passwords

To protect access to cloud-based apps and data, organisations need a solution that provides a simple user experience, but which is also able to adapt to complex environments. To meet these requirements, a true cloud security solution should provide:

  • Multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Passwordless single sign-on (SSO)
  • Powerful trust engine that leverages a variety of factors

A Simple and Smart Solution for Mobile Cloud-Security

MobileIron Access helps establish baseline trust in the user’s environment based on a variety of factors including device, app, network, location, and user context. This allows IT to then apply the right policy to match the present risk with the sensitivity of the data they are accessing. In other words, Access can enable passwordless SSO if the risk is relatively low or require MFA if the risk is higher.

Benefits of MobileIron Access

Easy-to-use MFA app – Replaces cumbersome and expensive hard tokens with MobileIron Authenticator, a simple MFA app that’s easy to set up and use.

Native mobile SSO experience – Allows users to securely connect to business services via native mobile apps without having to first authenticate through a different SSO app or portal.

Trust engine – Leverages device and app posture, user identity, location, and more to ensure only trusted users, devices, and apps can access enterprise cloud services.

Unified platform – A single, easy-to-deploy, unified platform that helps organizations secure business apps and data in the mobile-cloud world.

Standards-based security – Easily integrates with best-of-breed identity providers and can secure any cloud service that supports the SAML 2.0 standard with no custom integration work required.  It also compliments a wider Cloud Security strategy with Identity Provider integration.

How Mobliciti can help

Mobliciti can provide you with this new framework so you can confidently adopt mobile and cloud technologies to drive productivity whilst reducing your risk of data breaches. Get in touch for more information.  We can offer full Cloud Security solutions that protect your data beyond the perimeter.

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